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Genealogy Research Services – Now Available

Upon request, the Genealogy Committee will conduct family research of a limited scope at the Shenandoah Room, the local history resource at the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg, VA.

If the family being searched was in the county from about 1772, the sources searched are marriage records, deed and minute book abstracts, will abstracts from 1772 to 1850, tombstone records and obituary records. There is an extensive microfilm collection that includes original marriage bonds and ministers’ returns, land tax and personal property tax records from 1782 to 1850, local newspapers, some church records, Shenandoah County US census records and some VA & WV census records. There are limited records from neighboring Frederick, Page, Rockingham and Warren counties.

In addition, old deeds, wills and appraisals can be digitally photographed at the courthouse and emailed.

Charges, for a 1-family surname search are:

2-hour genealogy research search: $50.00 [$25 per hour with 2-hour minimum] [Member rate: $20 per hour for 2-hour search - $40]

Requests should be sent to:

Genealogical Research

P.O. Box 506
Edinburg, VA 22824

Enclose a check or money order for $50.00, payable to SCHS to start the search [$40 for members]

For questions regarding research requests:

Additional information required:

To request a 2-hour search please give as much information as you have on that person. If possible include person’s name, date of birth, date of death, marriage date, spouse’s name/maiden name, children’s names and any other pertinent information. Try to be specific about what information you seek.

For DAR Genealogy Requests:

For research assistance regarding DAR applications and patriots, please contact the Narrow Passage Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter via their website

Shenandoah County Historical Society Photograph Reproduction Fee Schedule and Policies

The Shenandoah County Historical Society's Morrison Studio Photographic Collection is a valuable record of Shenandoah Valley history that we wish to share with the community. The Morrison Collection, as it becomes available, is accessible for viewing at the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg, Va. Our policies and procedures are designed to protect and preserve this priceless resource. Funds from the sale and use of these archives help support our goals. SCHS is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation.

Reproduction Fees:

Digital files (files only, no prints included)

    • .jpeg files - $15.00 per image

    • .tif files - $15.00 per image

    • Shipping and handling:

      • No charge for electronic transmission (Email)

      • $10.00 for digital files on CD (shipping, handling & materials)

Black & White Prints (made from digital files):

  • 5x7 or smaller - $10.00 for the first copy, additional copies - $2.00 each

  • 8x10 - $15.00 for the first copy, additional copies - $3.00 each

  • Shipping and handling - $5.00

Use Fees:

  • Personal Use (no publication or public presentation) - No use fee

  • Publication/Commercial Use - $20.00 per image per use (ex: if 4 images are requested for publication,exhibit,etc. there will be a $20.00 use fee charged for each image). The Publication/Commercial Use fee applies to both non-profit and for-profit enterprises.

  • Research Fee - $20.00 per hour plus cost of any materials

Custom Services:

  • All existing digital files of Morrison negatives were scanned at 300 dpi. SCHS will charge $50 to rescan any negative at 600 dpi. Once created, these high resolution files and any images made from them will be subject to the same fee schedules as existing 300 dpi files. (see above)

  • Requests for prints larger than 8 x 10 and any other custom orders will be negotiated individually and will depend upon the costs incurred by SCHS to meet the needs of the requestor.


  • We request payment at the time of application. Obtaining copies of images does not imply the right to publish, recopy or reproduce them in any form without written permission of SCHS. Written permission may be requested with the Photograph Reproduction Request form. Images may not be used for any other purpose than that stated or by any other party.

  • Please provide the following credit line in exhibit, publications, research, etc.: “Courtesy Shenandoah County Historical Society Morrison Studio Photographic Collection”

  • We request one copy of any final publication for our archives.


Download a printable (PDF) version of the SCHS Reproduction Request Form HERE.

Museum Brochure

Download a printable (PDF) version of the brochure HERE.

2024 Spring Newsletter Highlights

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To view a downloadable version of our printed newsletter, click HERE.

Download an Annual Meeting Response Form.

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John H. Adamson Preservation Awards

In 2014 the Shenandoah County Historical Society established an Excellence in Historic Preservation Awards program to be given at the annual meeting and banquet in May of each year. The purpose of the program is to honor projects within Shenandoah County that deserve recognition for their preservation efforts. By doing so we hope to encourage others to follow the examples of those being recognized. These awards continue an earlier program that had been created by the former Shenandoah Preservation League.

In 2022 this award was renamed as the John H. Adamson Excellence in Historic Preservation Award, to honor the late Mr. Adamson for his numerous significant contributions to the Society. The Awards are intended to recognize outstanding projects in the fields of history, architecture, scenic beauty, and material culture (this includes furniture, textiles, documents, folk art, photography, basketry, tools and more). The original, or source object(s) must be at least 60 years old, and the preservation project must have been completed to be eligible for consideration.

"Each year we look forward to receiving a number of high quality applications," Society president Barbara Adamson said. "Shenandoah County is rich in accomplished and potential historic preservation projects and we are pleased to be able to support this awards program. The Society believes that the quality of life in Shenandoah County is greatly enhanced by preserving evidence of our unique history, and that publically recognizing these achievements may bring about a greater awareness of the value of historic preservation."

Application deadline is April 1 of each year. Nomination forms will be available in early winter throughout Shenandoah County at libraries, museums and town historical societies, and by contacting the Society at 540-459-1795, or by e-mail at In addition, you may view and print a copy of the nomination form by clicking HERE.

Past Preservation Award Winners, by Year

The 2014, “Excellence in Historic Preservation” Awards were presented to:

R. Patrick Murphy, for his well-documented and beautifully written book, The French and Indian War in Shenandoah County: Life on the Inner Frontier, 1752-1766.

Mr. Kenna Fansler, for a faithful and elegant rehabilitation of his historic Federal-style and Greek Revival home often referred to as The Pennybacker House. located on Main Street in the Mt. Jackson National Register Historic District, where it will serve as a valuable model for future projects.

The Strasburg Presbyterian Church, for outstanding restoration and reconstruction of its historic church, the oldest church in Strasburg, which was badly damaged by fire in July, 2011, and for creating an attractive and functional addition to address modern safely needs.

The 2015 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

Gloria Stickley for her book, Strasburg, Virginia: Our History in Post Cards, which beautifully documents the sites and culture of Shenandoah County, particularly the area around Strasburg, during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries through photographs and written text.

Delmar and Joan Hooley for their careful Restoration of the historic Wilkins Farmhouse on Swover Creek near Edinburg. With portions of the house dating from 1776, 1789 and 1842, they have faithfully maintained a rare, surviving example of mixed Germanic and English architecture in Shenandoah County.

The Edinburg Heritage Foundation and the Town of Edinburg for their rehabilitation of the historic Edinburg Mill and its transformation into the Museum at the Edinburg Mill, which displays the history and heritage of Edinburg, Shenandoah County and the Shenandoah Valley. The three-story museum is a result of a unique and effective partnership between the Foundation and the Town of Edinburg.

The 2016 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

Jeanettte Ritenour and James & Margaret Trott, for their book, Welcome to Fort Valley, which through intensive research beautifully documents Fort Valley’s unique geography, population, culture, and history.

Ricci & Erica Troxell, and Greg Orndorff for their rehabilitation, preservation and creation of the Historic Nash/Hudson Automobile Dealership Museum in Strasburg, displaying vintage automobiles, original signage, tools, and collectibles.

Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors, Shenandoah County School Board, United Methodist Family Services, and the Charterhouse School for the careful rehabilitation and preservation of the Edinburg School to provide space as an educational center for students and the community.

The 2017 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

The Shenandoah County Library (Zachary Hottel and Dallas Moore) for the creation and development of Shenandoah Stories, a public web platform showcasing the history of specific sites in Shenandoah County. Zach Hottel accepted the award.

Corhaven Graveyard for the preservation of the of the former Edgehill Plantation Burial Ground for Enslaved African Americans in Quicksburg, Va. Accepting the award were Sarah Kohrs, Tara Haley, and Bill Haley.

The Woodstock Brewing Company for the preservation and rehabilitation of the original Casey Jones Factory in Woodstock, Va. Accepting the award were Travis Cooper and Karl Roulston.

The 2018 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

William J. Miller for his book, Decision at Toms Brook: George Custer, Thomas Roster and the Joy of the Fight, a comprehensive and readable account of the Battle of Toms Brook, as well as valuable descriptions of the skirmish at Mill Creek and the Burning in Shenandoah County.

William Grillo for the careful and thorough rehabilitation of the 1797 Log Building at 129 S. Main St. in Woodstock, which preserves an important visual reminder of the town’s 18th Century heritage.

Shenandoah County Library and Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Tourism and the Shenandoah County Historical Society for the creation of a brochure, Farms, Factories and the Frontlines: Shenandoah County in the World Wars, which along with other projects and programs, commemorated the involvement of our community in World War I and World War II.

The 2019 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

Norman H. Scott for his book, Shenandoah Iron, a thoroughly researched work which documents elements of the historic iron industry in Shenandoah County and nearby areas.

Thomas Price and Karl Roulston for the careful restoration and repurposing of the 1920 Strand Theater in Strasburg, now the Box Office Brewery.

Shenandoah County Library and Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Tourism and the Shenandoah County Historical Society for the creation of a brochure, Farms, Factories and the Frontlines: Shenandoah County in the World Wars, which along with other projects and programs, commemorated the involvement of our community in World War I and World War II.

The 2020 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

The Virginia Museum of the Civil War and the Virginia Military Institute for their preservation and restoration of the 1818 Bushong farmhouse and farm landscape. The Bushong Farm played a central role in the Civil War Battle of New Market and helps to tell the story of Valley life before, during and after the war.

The Rev. William and Martha Erbach were presented an award for their Preservation and Restoration of the 1847 Stoner House, 1774 Stoner Grist Mill and the Mill Dam in the Village of Fisher’s Hill. Their devotion has preserved these important examples of Shenandoah County village life and county history.

The book, Oh, Shenandoah: Paintings of the Historic Valley and River received an award for the plein-air paintings by the artist, Andrei Kushnir, which showcases the entire Valley but with a focus on landscapes of Shenandoah County. The book includes historical vignettes by principal author, Jeffrey C. Everett, scholarly essays by Warren Hofstra and William Rasmussen, with remarks by Dana Hand Evans and Edward L. Ayers.

The 2021 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church For Preserving and making the historic records of the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, dating to 1829, available to the public.

St. John Bosco Roman Catholic Church For preserving the historic structure of the first Catholic Church to be built in Shenandoah County in 1888.

Shenandoah County Library Truban Archives (Zachary Hottel, Archivist and Eryn Kawecki, Intern) For Creating and providing a database containing the history of the enslaved people of Shenandoah County and making it available to the public.

The 2022 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

The Massanutten Antique Tractor and Gasoline Engine Club, Inc. For The dedication of their Members to the preservation of Antique Tractors, Gasoline Engines, Farm Implements and Farm Equipment. Their dedication contributes to the preservation of Shenandoah County’s strong agricultural heritage.

Todd Holtzman For The Restoration and Repurposing of Mount Jackson’s circa 1930’s Pure Oil Service Station, now The Vase and Vine Florist and Gift Shopand features Gulf Oil Corp.signage and equipment.

The 2023 awards for “Excellence in Historic Preservation” were presented to:

Kathleen L. Brockway   For her research and writing of The Lost Shared Signing Community of Lantz Mills and Shenandoah County. The story preserves the history of this important and little-known deaf community that developed its own sign language. The booklet was published individually and was included in the compiled volume, Stories of Our Community Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Shenandoah County, Virginia 1772-2022.

The family of the late Lena French Fuller  For their donation to the Shenandoah County Library Archives of the lifetime research of their mother, Lena F. Fuller. Mary Sue Fuller Weatherholtz accepted the award for her family. The collection consists of 33 linear feet of material that has been processed by library staff and is now available for family and local history researchers searching for information from the mid-18th Century into the 21st Century.

The Shenandoah County 250th Commemoration Committee  Committee Chair, Zachary Hottel, and Committee Member, Dan Harshman, acceped the award. This year-long celebration of our county’s history included numerous public events, the publication of local history booklets and a final bound book, memorabilia, and the support of volunteers, businesses, civic groups and the community.

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