Fifty Years Through the Lens of Hugh Morrison, Jr.

Addendum – June 5, 2011

Identifications, Corrections and Additional Information:

Plate 5 – Tucker Davis Foltz & Pearl Ann Myers Foltz with son, Paul Davis Foltz

Plate 7 – Eleanor Hollingsworth Grabill

Plate 13 – Della Willis Stover, John Willis, Stella Mae Willis Keller (left to right)

Plate 17 – Frances Christine Sheetz Betz

Plate 18 – Paul & Ida Bowers Foltz - wedding day, January 5, 1927. Ida made the wedding dress she is wearing.

Plate 21 – Jessie Lee Beatley Gochenour, b. July 21, 1917, m. John Wilbur (Mike) Gochenour

Plate 23 – Julia Pollard Putnam

Plate 24 – Mae Wymer Himmelright

Plate 34 – Helen Newman Sager

Plate 42 – Katherine Clark Fravel with her son, Alva Fravel

Plate 44 – Margaret Clem Fadely Tysinger, Edward Hottel (grandfather), Mate Clem Lemaster (left to right)

Plate 51 – The correct date is 1917

Plate 52 – Grandchildren of William W. Logan of Woodstock: (left to right) Mary Livers, Mary Baker, John Logan, Clarence Baker, William Logan, Alice Baker, Virginia Baker, Dorothy Livers – photo circa 1915

Plate 57 – Route 7 east of Berryville (Clarke County), looking east. Snicker’s Gap to the east.

Plate 62 – Peter Edgar Craig of Hamburg with his matched team – circa 1915

Plate 65 – Franklin Perry Spiggle & Daisy Alice Gochenour Spiggle with daughter, Goldie Irene Spiggle Harpine, near Maurertown, circa 1913

Plate 73 – In the doorway (left to right), Mary Frances Ritenour Crabtree, William Harrison (Harry) Ritenour, Wilmer Ritenour

Plate 81 – The location is Court St., Woodstock looking west toward the intersection of Commerce St.

Plate 89 – Located on Headley Road, along North Fork, east of Maurertown

Plate 95 – Harry Hollingsworth

Plate 96 – Ruth & Mary Hollingsworth

Plate 102 – Ida F. Henkel Bowman Painter (on porch, 6th from left), Barbara Ellen Bowman Henkel (on porch, 3rd from right)

Plate 103 – Charles Hottel & Allie Feagans Hottel with their children, Jake Hottel and Helen Hottel Fahnestock,

Plate 104 – The location is two miles east of Woodstock, near Reservoir Rd., circa 1912

Plate 107 – 433 N. Main Street, Woodstock

Plate 112 – The Samuel Crabill House was on Ridgeley Rd., just south of Maurertown

Plate 127 – Bowman’s School located at Bowman’s Crossing, circa 1926

Plate 168 – Dr. Frank Wilson Gearing, in his Woodstock office

Plate 176 – Jack Sperry (back row, 5th from left), Dick Wickham (back row, 2nd from right)

Plate 177 – Anna Snapp, Janie Borden, Selma Funk (front row, left to right), Georgia Purvis, Edna Stine, Lois McInturff (back row, left to right)

Plate 183 – The correct identification is Charles Spitler.

Plate 185 – Virginia Saum (2nd from left), ___ Miller (4th from left), Emma Lou Stoner Golliday (6th from left)

Plate 186 – Mildred “Muggsie” Sherman (at left), Katherine Miller Emswiler (7th from left), Isabel Henshaw Coverstone

(8th from left)

Plate 188 – Charles Fravel, 1946

Plate 193 – Teacher Genevieve McClain with students (left to right) Alonzo Smith, unknown, Daniel Smith (the Smiths are brothers)

Plate 196 – Casper Moomaw

Plate 203 – Mark Roller & Elizabeth Owens Roller


pp. xii – xiii – The references made to examples of damaged negatives are incorrect:

Plate number 83, Mt. Jackson Union Church, should be Plate number 84.

Plate number 150, a threshing scene, should be Plate number 152.

Plate number 106, the Clanahan house, should be Plate number 108.

Plate number 197, Private Herman J. Rupert, should be Plate number 199.

p xiii – The reference made to a Morrison captioned negative is incorrect: Plate number 140, the Sunnyside Farm, should be

Plate 142.

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